About Me

If you're looking for a painting and drywall business in St. Louis that brings experience, accuracy, and follow-through to every project, then Heffernan Painting & Drywall should be the one and only painting and drywall company you will ever need.

My interest in painting started in college, where I painted part-time for local home and business owners. I discovered I loved to paint, and especially enjoy the precision and art that each and every job requires. 

As a native St. Louisan, I'm familiar with the demanding nature of old homes. From safely dealing with lead paint to navigating old gas light lines while repairing plaster and lathe, I've seen it all. I'd love to help you complete your next home project and make you feel comfortable throughout the process of updating a home.

I pride myself on the quality of my work and guarantee that no project is complete until a client is satisfied. Call (314) 537-7484  or email me today for a free estimate - I'd love to earn your business!